Rheumatic Support


Are there any negative results from using Minocin that might occur? hyperpigmentation, nausea, dizziness

Are there other antibiotics that can be used?

Are there various protocols for AP?

Can I use AP with other arthritis medications?

Do I need an antibiotic therapy doctor and how do I locate one?

Do I need Mycoplasma testing?

How long does it take on this therapy before seeing positive results?

Is this therapy a cure?

What about supplements?

What adjunct therapies may be considered after being on AP for a while?

What are some situations that need to be addressed when doing this therapy for it to be a success?

What diet should be followed?

What improvements should I look for? Are there any negative effects?

What is antibiotic therapy? (AP)

What is the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction?

What tests are needed as a follow-up by my doctor?

Why try antibiotic therapy? How does it differ from traditional treatments?